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Fieldstone Drive
formerly part of [south] Glastonbury Drive
Saint Johns, MI 48879

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Condos 1-8 click to enlarge

about 8 acres  or 5 1/2 city blocks for max. 32 condo units

Life is great at Fieldstone Village

People, Quality, and Value Is Our Priority

Stay at home. Play at home. Yay at home.  :-)

Welcome to Fieldstone Village Condo development. located in St. Johns Michigan.
This subdivision is conveniently located east off Old US-27 on the south side of town and is only a short drive to Dewitt & Lansing and surrounding communities.
This development features the benefits of suburban living such as underground electric, natural gas, and public water/sewer, while benefiting from a country location and close to many walking, biking, and shopping areas.
The second phase started in 2021.
Presently, there are two floor plans available, the Lilly & the Clair, each have their own character and spin on condo living & which vary in size and prices.
Please call the builder Fred Motz at 517-749-8463 for more information!


11/30/2023    Last two units (27 & 28) of the current building phase are under construction.

11/21/2023    Annual Association Meeting. Election of Directors for 2023/2024

07/25/2023    Beware of summer salesmen at your door. Ask for ID. Anything outside the condo is handled by the assosiation. Do not commit.

07/01/2023    What to know about the federal protected Canada Goose.  Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division

06/21/2023    Wednesday Association meeting. Time & place to be decided......

05/13/2023    @ 6 AM "All Junk Day" City Wide Spring Clean-up. PLEASE, do not place items in front of your condo, but place at your corner of Fieldstone & Glastonbury

03/01/2023    Units 21, 22, 23, 24 under construction or finished

12/21/2022    Check batteries (if any) in your thermostat. (the other year, batteries went dead while occupants were down south and it was freezing cold in St. Johns and in the condo)

11/18/2022    Make sure your outside water faucets are turned off (on the inside in your basement). Drain the water to the outside.

11/18/2022    You can use salt/ sand on your sidewalk/ driveway, at your own expenses.

11/18/2022    Snow removal starts at 2 inches and over. The snow plow comes as soon as possible, as soon as it is practical. We use no salt/ sand.

WINTER 2022    first frost in November

10/05/2022    Association Meeting on 10/5/2022 @ about 6pm as per emails

09/09/2022    next association meeting planned for Sept. 30 or Oct. 07, 2022

08/01/2022    Units 23 + 24 now under construction

07/15/2022    Assocition Meeting. Details to follow. Sorry, but had to be cancelled on short noice.

05/14/2022    Motz Builder will fix the drain tiles on the pond bank (behind #25/26)

May/June '22    Motz Bulder will start on another "Clair" type

05/14/2022    according to Motz Builder the Units #25 & # 26 have been sold

11/07/2021    turn back the clocks to DST

11/05/2021    Michiganders to check their carbon monoxide detectors as cold weather hits & smoke alarms/detectors.

10/26/2021    Prevent Pipes from Freezing this Winter 2021/22 click to enlarge

09/02/2021    Condo ByLaws revisited   click to view PDF file   work in progress

08/25/2021    new Street Light officially requested, corner Glastonbury Dr & [south] Fieldstone Drive

07/30/2021    Units # 25 and 26 under construction    have a look

07/30/2021    Unit # 31    SOLD

07/29/2021    Unit # 1 now 1347 Fieldstone Dr. has been sold for ........$

2021 Zoning Ordinance update  (March 2, 2021) see below

07/13/2021    starting with fiber optic cable along Glastonbury to Fieldstone

07/12/2021    Meeting started at 7:40pm. Most condo-owners present.

07/12/2021    The meeting will be at Barb's ( #1303 ) on Monday the 12th at 6:30 pm

07.07.2021    Association Meeting planned/projected. Details/confirmation to follow soon....;-)

06.28.2021    FIELDSTONE Dr  on Google 2021

06.26.2021  Tornado warnings and lots of rain click to enlarge. Pond is full.

06.24.2021  second street sign up, on the south side. I guess we are official again  :-)

and more digging click to enlarge

06.18.2021    'digging' for new units click to enlarge

06.07.2021   Unit # 32  SOLD

06.07.2021   Unit # 30  SOLD

06.03.2021   Unit # 29  1321 Fieldstone Drive  SOLD

June 2021    Unit #1   1515 Glastonbury Dr  - now 1347 Fieldstone Drive  for sale

05.07.2021  "[Motz is] getting ready to dig another foundation behind you. Should have two move-in‘s in the next few weeks. They will start paying full dues. Thanks, Fred"

05* 05.04.2021 new  street sign Fieldstone Drive Fieldstone Dr Fieldstone Dr click to enlarge

*04/22/2021 New stakes are up. Not sure if for #1344,1340,1338,1334(?)new stakes click to enlarge


Condos 1 to 8, 29 to 32   finished/sold

Condos  25 to 26     under construction

Project click to enlarge   Aug 2022   March 2023


Condo Buyer Handbook  rev. 10/2018   click to open PDF-file (subject to change without notice)


Condo Association Dues: Please pay at the beginning of each month. Prepayments are possible. Dropbox on the right side of the garage door # 1343


Registered with the Register of Deeds Clinton County, MI

Master Deed Agreement        #5003527
1st Amendment                        #5125678
2nd Amendment                        #5253781
3rd Amendment                        #5288747
Affidavit to 3rd Amendment    #5307979
4th Amendment                        #5304812

Subject to change without notice. Please check with the Association first, then read the Master Deed Agreement before you sign the purchase contract.


Fieldstone Village Condos       Glastonbury Drive (old)   to   FIELDSTONE DRIVE (new)

February 23, 2021



New Street Name

Old street name





Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 1



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 1



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 1



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 1



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 2



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 2



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 2



Fieldstone Drive

Glastonbury Dr


# 2

*Previous/Existing addresses will be updated to the new number and Fieldstone Drive

City of St. Johns 2021 Zoning Ordinance update  March 2nd, 2021     click on link (use a larger monitor to get details)


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